From ancient times, humans observe the night sky amazed by its beauty, atonished for its immensity, and grateful for its utility. Stars and constellations tell us stories, myths, and legends from lots of different communities. Balearic Islands are not an exception as we can see from its cultural and archaeological heritage.

Our ancient stories have been orally transmitted through our languaje, collecting the essence from each culture that populated the archipelago, and preserving it thanks to the relatively isolation from the mainland.

All rondaies are part of the popular culture passed on from generation to generation, orally transmitted from parents to child, up to our times. For that reason, most of the characters are unique and belong to the cultural heritage of Balearic Islands.

The philologist Antoni Maria Alcover collected the rondaies from town to town. He published them under the alias Jordi des Racó. This collection represents an extraordinary source of words and idiomatic expressions from the Balearic Islands.

Our proposal is in line with the request from Institució Francesc de Borja Moll to consider Rondaies Mallorquines as Intangible Cultural Heritage. This year we are celebrating the 160 anniversary of Alcover’s birth and 90 of his death with lots of commemorative events about rondaies:

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