Proposal video by Es nostro cel team: Filetdor & Catalineta for WASP-166 system.

The Es nostro cel project aims to include the culture of the Balearic Islands to the official names of the night sky. For that reason, we propose the creation of a team that will participate in the NameExoWorlds 2022 call. NameExoWorlds is organized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and its objective is to give its own name, with a cultural entity, to the components of 20 proposed stellar systems (please, see list and metodology). Each team can make a proposal for one of the systems. Then, we can compete at different levels, nationally and internationally, if applicable. For this reason, our students will carry out a series of activities.

We want to thank all institutions and the society for their support! 

Here we have two videos summarizing all the outreach activities for now:

First summary of outreach activities. Please, see the next video for more!
Second summary with more outreach activities. Please, see the video above first!

And more to come! Please, click HERE to check them!

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