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All outreach activities are very important for us. We need to engage all society. So… We are very happy!
Our project, Es nostro cel, and its proposal to NameExoWorlds appeared on mass media and social networks:

Video by IB3 Notícies: Event in support of Es nostro cel organized by UIB
Here you can see the engaged students and the spirit of our project by El Diari de Mallorca

RTVE Informatiu Balear

We appeared in the regional news of the Spanish national TV.

Please, check it here (16:19)

The interview on IB3 YT channel

IB3 Notícies

Balearic TV news interviewed Sebastià Barceló Forteza, chair of Es nostro cel

Please, check it here

La Tarda de Catalunya Ràdio

La Tarda de Catalunya Ràdio, the main public radio of Catalonia, dedicated us an entire program section. Llucia Ramis spoke about our project and our aim. We enjoyed her intro!

Please, check it here

Al Dia, IB3 Ràdio

The radio programme Al Dia de IB3 Ràdio, interviewed Sebastià Barceló Forteza to know why Es nostro cel was created

Please check it here

Diario de Mallorca

We appeared two times on the cover, and a full page news of Diario de Mallorca, one of the most relevant newspaper of Majorca.

You can check …
the first cover here,
the first article here,
the second cover here,
and the full page article here.

Europa Press

Spanish news agency, one of the most important agencies of the country.

Para ampliar la noticia pulse aquí

La Vanguardia

National newspaper edited in Barcelona since 1881.

Please, check it here

Última Hora

We appeared in Última Hora. This spanish newpaper from Palma is one of the oldest of the Balearic Islands (1893).

ARA Balears

Newspaper written in catalan, edited and distributed in the Balearic Islands.

Please, check it here

Cap Vermell

The local newspaper Cap Vermell published our press release. Cap Vermell is the founding member of Associació de Premsa Forana de Mallorca.

Please, check it here

Diari UIB

El Diari UIB is a newspaper for students and staff of Universitat de les Illes Balears

Please, check it here


We appear in dBalears, a digital catalan newspaper.

Please, check it here

Fora Vila

Our project appears in Fora Vila, an independent newspaper born as a suplement of El Día, and El Mundo.

Please, check it here

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