Making a proposal

Here we describe the required steps to make our proposal for NameExoWorlds:

First of all, S. Barceló Forteza will give an informative talk on detection and characterization of exoplanets for high-school students. This talk will pay special attention on the systems that have already been named and those that have to be named in this call.

With this information, the groups of students will search for and propose names from the popular culture of the Balearic Islands. The names should respect the rules of the IAU call. In addition, the students should select the most appropriate planetary system according to its characteristics and those of the proposed names.

The proposal of each group will be made in written and audiovisual format following the required IAU format. These should include a brief
description of the selected names and their relationship to the system features.

The SOC will receive the proposals on November 14, 2022 to ensure that the rules of the IAU call are met and if the descriptions are really appropriate.

On November 18, 2022, an hybrid and public meeting will be organized: The students will present their proposals at the Teatre Principal de Santanyí (Main Theatre). The members of the team and the interested public will vote 3 proposals in order of priority. The proposal with the highest score, endorsed by the SOC, will be the winner. In case of not being endorsed, the next proposal with the highest score would be designated successively until all the rules are met.

The event will be recorded and broadcast via streaming in order to disseminate the winning proposal and for participation in the IAU contest.

Before December 11, 2022, the winning proposal will be sent to the IAU
NameExoWorlds call as the proposal of the Es nostro cel team.

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