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The Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) supports our proposal. The Rector of the University, Prof. Jaume Carot, signed the following certificate.

In addition, the Unitat de Divulgació i Cultura Científica (UDCC-UIB) organized a support event led by Enric Culat. This is the complete video of the event:

Complete video of the support event to the Es nostro cel project from balearic institutions and organized by UIB

This was a great opportunity to show all the crafted Filets d’Or by the elementary students of Bisbe Verger, and all paintings by Atelier Miguel Ángel Delgado students. Please, go to the Craft section to see them!

You can enjoy our traditional live music by xeremiers Miquel Tugores i Tomàs Salom!

Our traditional music in live. The first and ground floors were full of people!

As you can see, all the auditorium of Fundació Sa Nostra was full! We want to thank all authorities, cultural institutions, astronomical associations, students from CC Bisbe Verger and IES Joan Alcover, and all the audience!

M. Gelabert during her wonderful reading of Na Filet d’Or

The event started with a reading of the beggining of «Na Filet d’Or» by Magdalena Gelabert, president of the Associació d’Amics de la Institució Pública Antoni Maria Alcover. She continued with a brief summary of this rondalla and an analysis of the powerful feminine role at all collected rondalles. We were amazed! According to our traditional expression: Endavant les atxes!

S. Barceló Forteza speech about the Es nostro cel project.

To continue, Sebastià Barceló Forteza explained the project and all outreach activities. Furthermore, Enric questions revealed how Sebastià discovered rondalles in his childhood.

Round Table with S. Barceló Forteza, A. Mir, E. González, C. Duran, Ll. Mas i R. Oliver; E. Culat as chair.

Enric Culat chaired the round table composed of:

  • Sebastià Barceló Forteza, chair of Es nostro cel project and postdoctoral researcher at Universidad de Granada.
  • Ramón Oliver, Professor of Astronomy & Astrofísica at UIB.
  • Lluc Mas Pocoví, president of Institut Mallorquí de Ciències de l’Espai (IMCE).
  • Cristina Duran Truyols, director of the Institució Pública Antoni Maria Alcover.
  • Elisa González, member of the Club Newton.
  • Antoni Mir, founder of the Institució Francesc de Borja Moll.

Their conclusion was that young people are engaged with this kind of activities. As an example, we can prove it due to their will to come and repeat night observations. Therefore, our project has the same spirit as Alcover to preserve the rondalles through generations and make them known as far as the stars!

Awards ceremony to the Bisbe Verger students by S. Barceló, M.A. Sureda, T. Matas, M. Rodríguez, and I. Fèrriz

To end this meeting, some of the political authorities that suport us,

  • Miquel Àngel Sureda, Secretari Autonòmic de Universidad, Investigación y Política Lingüística del Govern de les Illes Balears;
  • Inmaculada Fèrriz, Directora Insular de Medio Ambiente del Consell de Mallorca;
  • Toni Matas, Teniente de alcaldesa del Ajuntament de Santanyí;
  • Montserrat Rodríguez, directora del Área de Investigación de la UIB;

and Sebastià awarded the students of the CC Bisbe Verger with a certificate. In addition, each one of the students that proposed Na Filet d’Or received the book «Exoplanetas y Astrobiología: plus ultra» by David Barrado Navascués!

Ian, Jimena, Daniela, & Jaime with their awards. They won the public vote with «Na Filet d’Or» proposal

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